About Asfa

img-20130105-wa0006-1Asfa Aftab is a 22 year old Broadcast Journalist from Bradford. She studied Broadcast Journalism at The University of Huddersfield. She was also a Radio Presenter at Sunrise Radio,  the largest Asian radio station in Yorkshire. Asfa attended Craven College for two years where she finished with a BTEC Diploma in Journalism. She was also awarded for her hard work and excellent efforts.

However her passion for writing didn’t start here, when she was young Asfa would always sit in her dads office and write stories on his computer. All through-out Primary school her writing work was top notch. It wasn’t until her GCSE’s when she knew she wanted to become a Journalist. She always had an interest towards the Media – which she received 4 Bs in at Beckfoot School for her GCSE subject.

She did work experience at a few places, like Springwood Primary School, Craven College Marketing Department and Sunrise Radio. 

Achieving a range of skills, she has really broaden her talent. From making Radio Packages on: Shisha and it’s Harmfulness / Divorce Damaging Children’s GCSEs / International Students At The University of Huddersfield / Bowel Cancer Awareness / Are Teenagers Addicted to Mobile Phones? / Bullying / Bradford and Crime to having her own Radio show about Pakistani Culture where she produced a cooking feature, a package on Pakistani Culture, produced her own jingle and trail. Leading her up to the Radio Station she works in now, presenting Bollywood music to thousands and thousands of listeners worldwide.

As well as working with Radio, she has also done TV work. At College PicsArt_13581368743732012-11-10 17.54.06Asfa produced a documentary called: Islam Up-Close where she interviewed, filmed and explored the religion Islam. Currently at University she has produced, filmed and edited many mini TV packages (including interviews) and reported News stories. Her passion for TV came when she was assessed on her reporting in front of a camera at College, her tutor said that she has a camera face and voice. Since then she has been trying her hardest to get as much experience as she can. 

Asfa also writes in her spare time, she posts various kinds of blog posts on her website and has over a thousand followers. In College she had written a few articles for her College Magazine, International Women’s Day received a lot of praise. Her University tutor has expressed Asfa’s writing as “award-wining work”. 

If you want to read more of her work: click here, and click on this, maybe click on this too? also read her blog post on domestic violence. Ok, one last time: click!

She also does photography whenever she can, you can check out her Photography work by clicking here / here / and here. Asfa has also produced a lot of advertising materials for businesses and charities. She has written a few articles and Facebook banners for the campaign Beauty is Different. She produced a leaflet, Facebook banner and posters for Fades & Trimz



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