Burnt out

My therapist asks: “how would you describe your mood today?” Where do I go? To start all over, to forget everything. I don’t want these black clouds lingering over me anymore. This rain isn't beautiful anymore. I’m sick to death of fighting these storms: you don't see the cracks they leave, slowly breaking me. The [...]



It is the dark starless nights; the silence they bring, the flickering of lights. An open sky, a stillness, but a blur- All of it; revealing the reflection of her... @AsfaWrites 🖤

Old & Grey ♡

Sometimes I sit and wonder, for hours on end- losing all sense of time. As though I’m a bird trapped in a cage, with no escape. It doesn’t happen frequently but when it does, it takes over my whole being. That’s what happens, when it’s you. I sit to wonder if you’ll still think of [...]


The wind was sharp that evening, my heart unsettled and body as cold as ice. It felt as though my whole world had froze, in that one minute. My shoulders were heavy, but oh so weak -like a piece of thread hanging onto the end of a needle. My heart roared like a wounded animal. [...]


From a very young age, she had already gathered the concepts of love – meanings that even adults couldn't comprehend. Setting birds free from their cages. The moon hiding so the sun has it’s time to sparkle, an ocean so deep concealing the world’s treasures and secrets. A caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Feeling the [...]


Did he tell you he loves you? Did he kiss your forehead before heading off to work? Did he look into your eyes before hugging you goodnight? Or did he hit you again? Those scars etched so deeply into your delicate skin; still there. From when he grabbed you and threw you across the room, [...]


He said “girls your age shouldn't be so serious. They should be full of life.” They said “stop laughing all the time, people will get the wrong idea.” You said “go fly. This world is yours. You can be anything you want” and then you went and chained her legs to the floor. Forget flying, [...]