He said “girls your age shouldn't be so serious. They should be full of life.” They said “stop laughing all the time, people will get the wrong idea.” You said “go fly. This world is yours. You can be anything you want” and then you went and chained her legs to the floor. Forget flying, [...]


Take me🧚‍♀️

Take me to the place where dreams come alive, where we find ourselves lost... but together; surrounded by roses of every colour as we walk beneath the deep blue skies. Birds singing ever so sweetly, butterflies kissing my eyes and rainbow coloured parrots telling stories of you and I. I want to be friends with [...]


Secret to happiness?

3:00 AM and guess who is wide awake? I thought I had learnt how to control my brain, control my thoughts and feelings. Guess not, in my friends circle I'm the one known as 'the good actor' — the one who can have a smile on her face no matter how big the storm was [...]