He said “girls your age shouldn't be so serious. They should be full of life.” They said “stop laughing all the time, people will get the wrong idea.” You said “go fly. This world is yours. You can be anything you want” and then you went and chained her legs to the floor. Forget flying, [...]


Take me🧚‍♀️

Take me to the place where dreams come alive, where we find ourselves lost... but together; surrounded by roses of every colour as we walk beneath the deep blue skies. Birds singing ever so sweetly, butterflies kissing my eyes and rainbow coloured parrots telling stories of you and I. I want to be friends with [...]



Whilst everyone else was sleeping, she would sit on the floor; alone in the dark, blinds fully open - with the starry sky staring right at her. There was something so magical about how all the stars would come together to light up the pitch black sky. As though they were celebrating, celebrating the fact [...]

This Thing…

This thing, we call life. It's always making us run. We're always trying to get to somewhere; trying to get to that place where we want to be. Many of us don't even know what that place is... What are you searching for? Happiness? Love? ❤ A career? Searching for a 'path' that's "right" for [...]


My love for her was pure, it was clean. In this world of selfish needs and no loyalties I found something strong, something that was destined only for me. The way she could read my voice, how her hair would cover my face whilst she slept on my chest, her sweet voice, forever lost in [...]

A Survivor

He never knew what to do, such a beautiful soul yet so confused. So paranoid. Always stressing about everything and anything. "What if?" was the question of his life. The only question, that murdered his brain. So young and free, but there was thunder inside. He never let anyone know, only one person he would [...]