It was hard for me to make her understand, every word I spoke - all went over her head. I felt hopeless. It wasn't her fault. She was just trying to put her pieces together. You could see it in her eyes - she was tired. Tired of waking up every day, feeling the same [...]



So I sit here, With your unspoken words, Unexpressed emotions, False assurances, And my heartache. ⠀⠀⠀دائما لك ⚘ @AsfaWrites 🖤

Secret to happiness?

3:00 AM and guess who is wide awake? I thought I had learnt how to control my brain, control my thoughts and feelings. Guess not, in my friends circle I'm the one known as 'the good actor' — the one who can have a smile on her face no matter how big the storm was [...]