You know when you are at that point of life where everything is going great, better than you imagined? guys I’m getting there! Slowly but surely, actually if I do say so myself everything happened so fast and now I’m in my zone, working, training, writing. What I’ve always wanted. So congratulate me guys, I’m finally in my happy place. I am so busy with … Continue reading DEAR DIARY, UPDATE!


He never picked up the prayer mat to read, he never once had a conversation with God unless it was an Eid prayer, which everyone attended, and as far as the holy book was concerned? It was just sat there, on the highest shelf of the house, looking beautiful. He would rather spend his time chilling with his friends, in shisha bars, at snooker, in … Continue reading PICKING UP THE PRAYER MAT

Her Bitter-sweet Life/

At the age of 8, her father left. When she turned 16 her mother was nowhere to be seen. Any other 16-year-old would be excited for a sweet sixteen birthday party, but she, she was waiting for her mother to come home; she was expecting a drunk, frail woman banging on the front door, shouting abuse. That’s what would always happen, ever since her father … Continue reading Her Bitter-sweet Life/

A Survivor

He never knew what to do, such a beautiful soul yet so confused. So paranoid. Always stressing about everything and anything. “What if?” was the question of his life. The only question, that murdered his brain. So young and free, but there was thunder inside.  He never let anyone know, only one person he would take his frustrations out on, not a girl, not his … Continue reading A Survivor