You know when you are at that point of life where everything is going great, better than you imagined? guys I’m getting there! Slowly but surely, actually if I do say so myself everything happened so fast and now I’m in my zone, working, training, writing. What I’ve always wanted. So congratulate me guys, I’m finally in my happy place. I am so busy with … Continue reading DEAR DIARY, UPDATE!

#BRAINDUMP!!! Sunset, walks & uni.

Hey guys! Sorry, I’ve been so MIA. Third (my FINAL) year of University is starting in a few weeks, so had to take time out to work on my, work placements/ university meetings/ dissertation ideas. So wish me goodluck, hopefully these years spent Uni won’t go to waste; all them sleepless nights finishing and submitting assignments. Only I know, my stress lol. Shoutout to all … Continue reading #BRAINDUMP!!! Sunset, walks & uni.

HONOR KILLINGS [Banaz – A Love Story]

Honour killings? What is it? Honor based violence is a crime which has been committed to defend the honor of the family or community. Many of these honor based violence crimes end up with somebody’s death. Women and girls are the most common victims of honor based violence. (It can affect some males too!). Honor based violence is linked to family members because the victim … Continue reading HONOR KILLINGS [Banaz – A Love Story]