Through all your anxiety and suffering,
everything you fought on your own,
those long sleepless nights: I want you to
know it was in you I built my home.

It was in your arms I found my peace,
even though you were so fidgety. Don’t worry
my love, I’ve always noticed.
Please be at ease.

“Can you hear that?” I’d say
“why does it beat so fast?”

With a smile on your face,
“my heart knows, I’m with my heart.”

I don’t think you know that I knew:
your eyes would follow me,
in crowded rooms;

as though it’s second nature to you,
protecting me.

You lit up my world, even when yours
was pitch black
and it really is because
of you everyone says
“she has such a beautiful laugh.”

So next time you say
“I’m nothing special, it’s you.”

Remember these words of mine: you have been my light at the end of the tunnel, since the beginning of time.


“Annoor= Light” Arabic Calligraphy Light painted by Nassima

Note: Hi everybody! I’m so happy you all are liking my last few posts. I hope you will enjoy this piece as well. I have once again used a beautiful light painting made by Nassima from Artoxygen. This painting is one of my most favourite pieces from Nassima. It is so close to my heart.

61 thoughts on “Light

  1. Just as I guessed! A piece of Art my dear Asfa😊
    “you have been my light at the end of
    the tunnel, since the beginning of time.” love this part😍😍😍
    I hope you keep on creating inspiring & magical writings! You’re the best💯

    Liked by 4 people

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