Old & Grey ♡

Sometimes I sit and wonder, for hours on end- losing all sense of time. As though I’m a bird trapped in a cage, with no escape. It doesn’t happen frequently but when it does, it takes over my whole being. That’s what happens, when it’s you.

I sit to wonder if you’ll still think of me the same when we’re old and grey. If you’ll remember the way I laughed, the softness in my voice, the nights and the days, the memories we made or will I slowly fade and be replaced. Will you ever come across my writings? And find sentences that fit you, fit us.

* * *

I imagine myself with tired eyes (there’s no longer a shine), strands of white hair outlining the shape of my face, sitting on the floor surrounded by the laughter of children; telling them stories of a friendship so pure- that even after many trials and tribulations it still remained. Not out of force but because of two hearts and the love they had for each other. The stronger the wind would blow, the harder they would love.

Every evening the children patiently wait to hear beautiful tales of you. They listen ever so carefully as I speak in your admiration. Their starry-eyes slowly drifting off, into a world of their own; where they dream of their very own best friend; who is exactly like you, your mirror.

//So even if you forget it all, it’s ok. I’ll make sure it forever remains; somewhere, anywhere.//

You are the definition of, I crave “a love so deep, the ocean would be jealous.” ♡ – Rumi

I have a love so deep, the ocean -is jealous. 🥀

@AsfaWrites 🖤

83 thoughts on “Old & Grey ♡

      1. I told you Asfa, if we lived in a fairytale life, you definitely will be the ✨Words Queen✨ 😀 and your chair will be made of capital letters, and the guardians on your door are holding arrows ( the top of the arrows ends with the letter “O”) so they don’t harm anyone when pointing them lol

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      2. Haha! Aaawwwwww 😍🤗 you are honestly the sweetest Nassima ❤❤ thank you for all the love ❣ I really don’t deserve it. All I do is write what I’m feeling. 🙄 I don’t even think my work makes any sense lol. Thank you for always encouraging me. 💓💓

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      3. Well at least it made sense to me lol you say this because you are modest and humble person Asfa, I wish you all the best and success, keep it up❤

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      1. You’re the talented one Nassima, your light paintings are out of this world!!! So magical & beautiful. 😍 God bless you, always ❤.

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  1. This is beautiful a thousand times over. I could read it so many and would want to read it again. This is the magic. ❤️

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      1. I can help you Asfa, at least I am a human translator haha😂 it makes sense and I think it said what you wanted it to say lol If it’s a secret I won’t translate it here 😀💕❤

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      2. Oh my dear! I’m so glad that my humble blog inspired you ❤❤❤ you are most welcome and also you are welcome to add any of my drawings or Lightpaintings to one of your wonderful posts, I need to add more Lightpaintings in the future but after I purchase a new camera In Sha Allah 😍🙏🌷

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      3. That is so sweet of you 🌹 I definitely will add your beautiful lightpaintings to my posts but first I need to write something worthy enough to go with your stunning art. ❤ i’A, I can’t wait to see what you come up with. 😍

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  3. Love narrated so PURE ,
    Everyone wish to ENDURE ,
    Such soulful narration can heal and make every broken heart CURE ,
    How I wish if I could write such deepening phrase
    I ain’t so SURE 🙌

    loved it like Heaven Asfa ❤
    Keep going ! ✊

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