The wind was sharp that evening,
my heart unsettled and body as cold as ice.
It felt as though my whole world
had froze, in that one minute.

My shoulders were heavy, but
oh so weak -like a piece of thread
hanging onto the end of a needle.

My heart roared like a wounded
animal. It was broken.

No glue, cello tape, adhesive
would ever work. Sweet words, love,
warmth would also go to waste.

Nothing escaped my lips and
tears fell like raindrops falling from the sky…

This is me;
my mind, heart and body,
battling it out -with my
internal storms.

@AsfaWrites ⚘

66 thoughts on “Internal

  1. Asfa i need some help from you.. Leave your Instagram id.. Yaa number. Like about WordPress. If u feel comfortable to share, then share, otherwise its okay 😊.

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  2. This is a good one, though not to say that your other works aren’t good as well, just I like this especially.
    I haven’t written much lately, but I intend to put up some content more consistently.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. You are quite well Asfa.
        Yes, I’m okay but a little unmotivated and busy with life things!
        I’m sure to post some more content soon, and I’m glad you like my writings.
        How are you doing anyway?


  3. This post does make me deep dive, I cannot get it out of my thought process. Words are so perfectly framed and sit together so well. Broken yet beautiful, conveyed in a perfect sense
    Keep up the amazing work Asfa!

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely feedback 😊 and very kind words. I appreciate it so much, Kalyan. ⚘ I’m glad my work made you think. ❀ God bless.

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  4. You Always Rock it Asfa, you know something? I have never imagined the word “adhesive ” could be used in a poem or such writing and would seem going with the rythm ( Mind my weird expressions lol I try to express myself with words but I fail) πŸ˜…
    Keep Roaring but not in pain ..with Success my dearπŸ’«

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