She was always happy. Atleast that’s what it seemed -maybe that’s why no one ever asked if she was “ok.” And when they finally wanted answers, it was too late. She wasn’t there to give any…

@AsfaWrites πŸ–€

43 thoughts on “Late

  1. No matter how hard it is to ask saying nothing is the worst thing in the world someone should always ask β€œare you ok”
    Beautiful ply written Asfa you’re beautiful kind considerate soul.🌹

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      1. You’re most welcome Asfa I really love your writing it’ has so much soul and heart.❀️☺️🌹

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      2. Thanks Robbie 🌻 you’re such a sweetheart. Thank you for always appreciating my work. πŸ’› If I try harder with my writing, maybe one day I’ll be as good as you 😁😁

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      3. Thank you for being such a sweetheart Asfa you just made my day and I absolutely love your writing you have a wonderful style when I read it I genuinely feel something that’s not easy to do you should be proud and thank you so much you have a beautiful kind heart I love that.❀️🌹☺️

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      4. I just read your piece and left a reply it truly left me with a tear in my eye and you showed you truly understand eternal love thank you for your beautiful writing.❀️

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      1. Ooo, how did they go?! Great that you’re back, looking forward to reading your posts 😁. I’m fine thank you 🌸


  2. Beautiful, this strikes a cord….I lost a friend to suicide, and it’s the most terrible feeling ever….
    This is an important lesson, to ask someone if they’re okay…

    So are you okay asfa?πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. Thanks Tanishq. πŸ’™ You’re so lovely.
      Sending love your way. I can only imagine how heart-breaking it is to lose a dear one.

      I’m fine, thanks for asking πŸ˜„ hope you’re ok too.


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