Sweet girl

*Trigger warning*

She shouts, she screams. She cuts, she bleeds
but nobody hears and nobody sees.
“I’m OK. Just a little under the weather” she said.

-Sweet girl, will always be remembered-

her obituary read…

@AsfaWrites 🌸

Note: always be kind. You never know what one is going through. If you’re suffering from mental health problems, get the help you need because it is out there. Visit: https://www.time-to-change.org.uklet’s end mental health discrimination.

*Readers feel free to leave links (of websites that are useful) in the comment section!


27 thoughts on “Sweet girl

  1. What an impact you’ve made with 5 lines……I commend you for this!!

    I completely agree with this statement, and the fact is that in today’s world, every single person suffers from depression at some time or another…..the scale of this problem is truly unnerving…

    Totally loved this!👍💘

    Liked by 2 people

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