The bigger picture

Everyone I’ve ever known, entered my life for a purpose – to make me a better person, to teach me lessons, to make me strong, to know what love is, to know what it’s like to fail, to feel the pain of loss, to make memories, to grow, to be happy.

So it all comes down to one thing for me, the best and most helpful advice I can give to one. Something everyone can benefit from:

People will always remember how you made them feel, the vibe you gave them; the emotions, memories you created together and how you treated them. Whatever your situation is, you can always change it around. Hurt someone? Pick up the phone and call them. Apologise – fix it. Talking it through is better than living with regret and confusion for the rest of your life. Atleast the person knows you tried. Most importantly you know you tried.

⠀⠀⠀دائما لك
@AsfaWrites 🖤

29 thoughts on “The bigger picture

  1. This is so positive and Inspiring . Love the message. Well written. And thank you for liking my posts. I am following u henceforth. Though, you already have so many followers Ma Sha Allah. But I like your way of expression. And I want to read more of you. 🙂

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      1. Asfa most welcome 💕
        Infact, thank you for forwarding me back ☺️. I honestly, didn’t expect it though. Welcome to my blog 🤗. I will not keep you waiting for long for sure.

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  2. The great mid-20th Century philosopher Martin Buber once wrote, “What we become is ultimately the sum of all the people, places and experiences we have encountered in our life. What we have added and what we have subtracted. Who we have treated as a Thou (fellow subject) and those we have treated as an It (object). Who we become is what we choose to write on our hearts and minds in those encounters. Who we are is what we have written.”

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