Overwhelmed with life✨

I honestly did try to write, but nothing happened. My mind was blank; or was it just too full?

Too full from everything I ever thought about… Too full to the point I couldn’t organise my thoughts. Writing down my thoughts always worked for me, but what do I write? now that my brain was a big scribble? like when a child first gets fascinated with knowing what a pen is. Scribbling on every wall they see. I shut my eyes, the first thing that came to my mind was:

everything I had to achieve before I graduate.

I was nowhere near. I shut my eyes again, took a deep breath; time is flying. I graduate in a few months. And my life was just getting busier, louder & hectic. ~ I guess everyone goes through this phase of not knowing how to collect their thoughts.

I was struggling. I was happy, but struggling. ~ Happy with the fact that I was trying my best in everything, working to my full potential; struggling because I kept forgeting to take breaks. To have a breather.

Overwhelmed with life…

There is so much happening in my life. But I honestly feel, this is just the begining. The begining to something awesome…


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With love, .~A♡
—Asfa Aftab


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