You can, and you most certainly will. 

I can’t. How many times have you heard these words in your head? How many times have you repeatedly told yourself, that you “can’t”. Let’s be honest, there’s been plenty of times in my life where I would always stay in my comfort zone; that’s where I wanted to stay. Surrounded by people who already knew me, knew what I was like and how I was. I would stop myself from achieving new opportunities, sit there and see them walk by and do nothing. I never thought of grabbing them, I was too comfortable of where I was, at a certain point in my life. Nothing ever changed.  I always told myself, that “I couldn’t do anything, I can’t do it. It’s impossible.”

Wake up and smell the coffee! You can’t just sit around and wait for things to happen. Don’t let your life pass you by without you achieving the best you can be. DON’T. Everyday is a new start, a fresh start. You want to lose weight? Do something, start somewhere. Make small changes in your meals, walk instead of driving. You’ve been wanting to write a book? Get to it. Write an hour everyday, Asfaput it together step-by-step. Haven’t passed your driving yet? Concentrate extra hard, sit with someone who has experience in driving and make them test you. Want to travel? Start saving up money, £10 a week maybe? There are so many ways you can achieve your goals, there’s just one thing: you have to start! No one is stopping you, except you.

The girl who got anxiety from walking in crowded places, who couldn’t even walk into a supermarket, who was incredibly shy to talk, who would cry at little things, who found it hard to fit in – is now studying Broadcast Journalism at University, she’s working hard to achieve her degree. Just last week she interviewed a writer, she’s a presenter at a local radio station listened by thousands and thousands of people. She’s worked in front of a camera, she travels everywhere on her own. She can talk to people. She’s not afraid any more.

If she can achieve her goals, you can too. She’s the same girl, who said she “couldn’t”, the same girl who underestimated her abilities. The same girl who said “I can’t”…

She’s overcame her obstacles and now… SHE CAN!


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