Secret to happiness?

3:00 AM and guess who is wide awake? I thought I had learnt how to control my brain, control my thoughts and feelings. Guess not, in my friends circle I’m the one known as ‘the good actor’ β€” the one who can have a smile on her face no matter how big the storm was growing inside.

Truth is, I’m not a good actor at all. I just choose to not let things effect me. I either laugh it off, or just keep myself busy with other things. However like any other person, I do have my break downs. Most of the times they are hidden away from the world, other times I just can’t control myself and the *tears* come rolling down. I like to think that I am mentally and emotionally very strong, what’s made me strong? I think experiences and life.

What’s your secret to happiness? 😜 P.s I love you

My best friend had written inside my 21st birthday card. I had never thought about that; not once did any question like that entered my mind, ever. Now that it was there, written in black ink on paper; I knew I couldn’t ignore it. What was my secret to happiness? and why didn’t I let certain things/people have an effect on me? I wondered…

From a very long time, I learnt how to block out negativity; all the way back to the start of University, before I started University I was a mess. Emotionally, mentally, physically. I was at breaking point. It was the toxic people surrounding me. Every day, there would be new arguments, new drama. It made me weak.

I ran, as far as I could from all these people who called themselves “friends” – more like a “waste of space” they were. All in it for their own needs. Selfish minds. I knew I didn’t belong with them, I knew I was better and that is exactly what I did: made myself stronger, broke all ties and never looked back.

I realised that: to be happy, you need to be content – content with everything you are blessed with, content with what God has in store for you.

Every obstacle I came across, gave me something better in return. Every problem I had, God had given me a solution to, I just had to open my eyes a little, go on with my life with a huge smile – blindly trusting God. Whatever he plans, is the best for me. I shouldn’t question anything {my problems}, try to fix them and if not, just go with the flow. Leaving it all to God.

Could that be my answer? To “What’s your secret to happiness?” I think for right now, it could be. Who knows? as I grow older, the answer could possibly change; I’m still growing, learning and trying to be the best I can be. ❀


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