You know when you are at that point of life where everything is going great, better than you imagined? guys I’m getting there! Slowly but surely, actually if I do say so myself everything happened so fast and now I’m in my zone, working, training, writing. What I’ve always wanted. So congratulate me guys, I’m finally in my happy place.

I am so busy with work and so overwhelmed with how much I can actually cope with [much more than I thought I could]. I haven’t posted many blog posts because of the reasons; University / Placement / Training / Interviews and finally Dissertation! > and this will probably [most certain] continue all the way to my graduation in June.

So far I have been working on many projects; my placement [also decided to train under them] a local radio station where I am a presenter for live shows. Presenting for the last two weeks, for the first two days of the placement I was told to find news stories and re-write them under radio standards. It has been going wonderful, and the team I work with are very nice too.

My rest of the time at placement consisted of getting to know the technical sides of radio, [how to use faders, which buttons to click, where the jingles and music can be found etc.] I then spent two more days learning the presenting side and brushing up my presenter skills learning what to say and all the social media information. I go to placement a week a month and Mondays, [+ every other Wednesday] is my training.


Training under a radio station has taught me many skills, I can see myself working at a radio station for some time; getting experience but I’m not too keen on doing it as a full time job as I want to gain experience from all sides of the Broadcast Journalism field/industry. As for right now I am loving being a trainee there.

A long term project which is due at the end of March; my dissertation. I will be Investigating the Negative Portrayal of Muslim Women in the Media [why articles/news stories are written so negatively]. I have many interviews lined up for this project [many of them being, public speakers, authors, lecturers, government/council personalities] at the moment I am trying to work on getting a few interviews from news reporters etc.

Hopefully I do well and get a first in this dissertation as I would really love to do masters in Broadcast Journalism.

Continuing with University assignments I have also been working on my work portfolio, making my business card, CV etc.

And last but not the least, I will be trying my best to update my personal [this] blog as much as I can, whenever I am free from all the other work I have. Blog posts will hopefully be up on the weekend or on a Monday.


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