Don't shower me with so much love, for when you're gone -your heart knows, nobody else could ever live up to it. @AsfaWrites 👑 Note: Inspiration for this piece is Robbie @Archangel White Wolf. Your story brought tears to my eyes. 💗



She was always happy. Atleast that's what it seemed -maybe that's why no one ever asked if she was "ok." And when they finally wanted answers, it was too late. She wasn't there to give any... @AsfaWrites 🌸


And just like that, the heart shattered into a thousand cracks. * —your words, knives to her chest. @AsfaWrites 🌸

Sunshine Blogger Award☀💛

Thank you to the lovely J and very kind Chiru for nominating me! Do check them out: Storms Can Be Beautiful Too 🌸, Inspire & Change. I always look forward to reading their posts 😍 both of them are very inspirational and great writers. Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you & link their blog [...]


It is the dark starless nights; the silence they bring, the flickering of lights. An open sky, a stillness, but a blur- All of it; revealing the reflection of her... @AsfaWrites 🌸


Whilst everyone else was sleeping, she would sit on the floor; alone in the dark, blinds fully open - with the starry sky staring right at her. There was something so magical about how all the stars would come together to light up the pitch black sky. As though they were celebrating, celebrating the fact [...]

Broken flower🥀

I’m sorry. I wasn’t there to water you, to watch you grow. To hold you up, when you needed me the most. I couldn’t stop this world, of its horrible ways... I couldn’t stop it, from breaking you; a rose surrounded by thorns. I should have been there, to water you, to watch you grow. [...]