Distracting yourself from feeling anything, everything. @AsfaWrites



There was magic in her eyes, Only something so pure could have left such an effect; Her tears...πŸŒΈπŸƒ @AsfaWrites


She's always wore her heart on her sleeve - that's one thing that will never change. She's not afraid of letting people in. She'll always trust the same. She'll always love the same. Even after being hurt numerous times. I think that's why she's so kind because she knows what it feels like to be [...]


Whilst everyone else was sleeping, she would sit on the floor; alone in the dark, blinds fully open - with the starry sky staring right at her. There was something so magical about how all the stars would come together to light up the pitch black sky. As though they were celebrating, celebrating the fact [...]


It was hard for me to make her understand, every word I spoke - all went over her head. I felt hopeless. It wasn't her fault. She was just trying to put her pieces together. You could see it in her eyes - she was tired. Tired of waking up every day, feeling the same [...]

It’s been a long two years…

It's been a long two years. I believe the last time I posted, it was in 2016. I was in my final year of University, training at a local radio station and extremely busy. Time has gone by so fast, I feel as if it's all a blur. I don't remember the last time I [...]

This Thing…

This thing, we call life. It's always making us run. We're always trying to get to somewhere; trying to get to that place where we want to be. Many of us don't even know what that place is. We have no idea, why we run. We search and search. And we search some more. What [...]